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What started as a time-passer more than 40 years ago has developed into a major avocation for ceramic artist Anita Posey Lowe. Her award-winning ceramics are one-of-a-kind.


The 77 year-old artist moved to Georgetown, OH,  from Auburn, California to be near her Grand Daughter and Great Grand children.

For the pass two year since moving to OH, she has been having two small barns made to house her showroom and workshop.  They are finally finished and is now organizing her show room and workshop.


Ms Lowe began exhibiting in 1985. Her works have been seen at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center during the Northern California Art’s, Inc.B, old Expressions” exhibition, the Placer Art League’s Gallery One in Auburn; the Beecher Room of the Auburn Library during the Auburn Association of University Women’s Art “35 show; the Auburn Arts Center Clay show; the Zawadi Gallery in Sacramento and the Lincoln Arts Center in Lincoln, CA.

Ms Lowe received first honors in the three dimensional category for “Clouds Gathering” a pit fired vase, at the Placer Art League’s 1987 spring show. In June of 1987 she received an award for an untitled pit fired vase from the ARTtcetera’s (Arts Council of Placer County) Third Annual Open Membership show.

In 1988, 1991 and in 1992 Ms. Lowe won first place in the three-dimensional category for her “Pit Fired Pots’ from the Placer Art League’s Annual Membership show. She also won a 3rd Place award for her "Tribal Face" in the 2001 Placer Arts League's Membership Show. In September of 1988 at the 12th annual Sacramento Potters Group show she won an award for best wheel and hand built combination pottery.


A native of Charleston, West Virginia, Ms. Lowe lived in Rangoon, Burma, Manila, the Philippines and Ankara, Turkey, while her father was employed by the U.S. State Department.


Ms. Lowe says " pottery gives me such fulfillment and I am able to concentrate more on it since I have retired from the State of California.






"No matter how much effort I put into a clay piece, the fire, glaze, wind, air and timing all play role and control of the final outcome of the pottery is left to Karma," says Anita Posey Lowe, award-winning ceramist. "That's the beauty of pottery and why I enjoy working with it."



Anita began working with stoneware clay over 40 years ago because "I can work it over and over again until I get the shape, size and form I want," she says. She makes and mixes her own glazes and uses several methods of firing -- raku, reduction or pit-- to get results. Anita is constantly refining her talent since she began with clay in 1961, starting with slip casting ceramics in Camp LeJeune, N.C.  A 1980 graduate of San Francisco State University Art, she has studies under Bud McKee, Joe Hawley and David Karoka.


An artist who works with may shapes, whether hand-built, wheel-thrown or a combination of both, she plays with the forms to perfect concepts that reflect her personality.


"My specialty items are bowls, cups and individual casserole dishes that are food, drink, microwave dishwasher and oven safe. My glazes are lead-free and safe for food and drink. Among my favorite items, that make great gifts, are small clay scented pots that are used as car or room fresheners."


The colors she works with are earth tones; tan, blue and green when overlapped create other colors. "All my pots are hand thrown, trimmed and signed, " she says, "they are one of a kind."